126 Fairport Village Landing
Fairport, NY
Open Tuesdays 4-8 PM,
Friday 11-6, and Saturday 9-4

A charitable enterprise of Fairport Baptist Homes

Volunteers run our entire operation

We are looking for people who can donate a minimum of 4 hours per week. Familiarity with tools is not necessary for many of our jobs. Volunteers sort, clean, inspect, and package items.

We need a variety of skills:

  • Scheduler
  • Cashier
  • Stock person
  • Receiving clerk
  • Donation sorter
  • Donation cleaner
  • Donation assessor/pricer
  • Inventory manager
  • Driver with Truck (Pick-up from donors)
  • Internet Sales Person
  • Teacher of basic tool skills

The following volunteer positions are available:

  • Store Managers (shared responsibility)--Responsibilities include opening and closing store for business; scheduling cashiers, stock persons; supervise shop volunteers; uphold shop/project policies; troubleshoot customer and volunteer issues; coordinate marketing activities.
  • Donation Managers (shared responsibility)--Schedules donation volunteers; supervising sorting and cleaning of donations; sets prices; coordinates salvage operations.
  • Donation Volunteers--Under supervision of Donation Manager: Sorts and cleans donations; applies price tags; creates shelf signs
  • Store Volunteers--Under supervision of Store Manager: Serve as cashiers, stock shelves, accepts donations, performs shop cleaning duties.
  • Driver Volunteers--Under supervision of Donation Manager: Using personal vehicle, picks up donations and delivers them to the store; delivers unusable items to salvage.